Getting Started is Easy

Stakeholders of an economic development organization range from board members to citizens. Anyone who benefits from a well-run program can be included in the field of survey respondents. The concept of tracking and measuring extremely subjective elements is simplified by using one or acombination of ten quality elements.  



Measure the Quality of Your Organization



This user-friendly new tool helps inform ALL your stakeholders about economic development and measures the quality of your economic development programs at the same time.


The IEDC’s “Making it Count: Measuring High Performing EDOs” identified and organized 290 metrics for tracking Quantities related primarily to economic development activities.  Quality Metrics measures the Quality of your programing by asking your stakeholders to share their perceptions.  


Here’s how it works: Stakeholders are invited to answer 29 questions customized to the organization’s priorities.  In the example below seven of the ten quality elements were used.  The process assembles all the survey data and delivers the results in one easy-to-understand report as shown below.

Quality Metrics Report



There Are Three Rules For Participants


  1. Respondents must complete all questions.

  2. Individual’s answers are confidential.

  3. The survey must be used as a tool for assessing and improving the organization.  It must not be used to find fault or assign blame.