In concert with Quality Metrics, the leadership team customizes thought-provoking questions using one or more of the ten quality elements to ensure key messages are delivered and perceptions are measured. Participating stakeholders learn from each other about key local issues. Here is an explanation of each of the key elements used to measure the quality of an economic development organization.

Top Ten Quality Elements


  1.  Collaboration - How many economic development organizations are present in the city, county or region and how engaged is the respondent in each of them?  This includes investing time and money.

  2. Transparency - How deliberate is the EDO in making sure all stakeholders are kept informed about the operations pipeline of projects and, when possible, the terms of completed deals?

  3. Accountability -  Does the respondent know about the goals of the organization and was he or she involved with creating and monitoring progress?

  4. Credibility – Does the respondent believe the organization’s reputation is built on a strong commitment to credibility with community and political leaders?

  5. Stakeholder Engagement - To what extent does the respondent believe he or she is engaged with the activities of the organization including routine interaction with the staff?  This can be divided into stakeholders and major investors as needed.

  6. Overall Satisfaction - How satisfied is the respondent with the results the EDO produces based on the goals that were set?  

  7. Competitiveness - How competitive does the respondent believe the community is compared to other similar cities, counties or regions?  How competitive does the respondent believe the city, county or region should be in the future?

  8. Marketing -How effective does the respondent believe investments made in marketing the city, county or region produces the desired results?

  9. Public Relations -How effective does the respondent believe the external and internal marketing efforts are at telling the EDO’s unique story?

  10. Other - The survey can be customized to accommodate any metrics the organization might want to measure, ideally involving quality rather than quantity issues.